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Weekend Wellness Package why wouldn't you

What a way to start a weekend. Early to bed Friday night because we were up early Saturday morning and off to experience a Wellness Package at The Legian Hotel, Seminyak ,Bali.

No stranger to the Luxurious Grand Hotel, (due mostly to dear friends Marc,Olga & Pablo who use it as their home base on regular visits to Bali) we knew we were going to be in for something quite special.

Hotel Lobby

I love a grand entrance, and this old dame certainly delivers. There's something about Five Star Resorts in Bali that have been here for a while, it's not just the well established gardens or the highly polished floors, there is a feeling you get when you step inside and this definitely has a sense of Grandeur.

Security guards check your car for unwanted entities, the front desk and concierge are immediately at attention offering their assistance. We are pointed in the direction of The Spa.

Water features are dotted everywhere, yet there is a silence, it is only 7am after all. We enter through glass doors to what could almost be mistaken as a seductive dark & moody nightclub. Andy approaches the Bar...I mean Spa reception. #luxuryspa

We poke our heads into the treatment rooms as we head off to the lockers. The low lit moodiness is apparent throughout the building which gives a comfortable, and very calming effect. It's time to head off to the gym first, and if what I can see through the detailed woodwork is anything to go by, this gym just might have all the bells & whistles.

Everything is of good quality, well maintained and there's actually enough gear for a complete workout...Andy is relieved.

There's plenty of towels remnant of a spa, smelling of essential oils. The background music is current, there's TV screens on all the treadmills lined up and talk about refreshments! Not only is there cold refresher towels in a fridge, there are 3 tall jugs of water. One is room temperature, one is chilled, and the last one is a pleasant surprise of fresh Coconut water. #workout #hydration #happyplace

We glance at our watches, it's almost 8am, YOGA is next

YOGA is outside on the lawn facing Seminyaks west coast Beach. The sun is still rising from the east, so the hotels form shadows the grounds giving us a refreshing temperature away from the suns bite. After all we don't want to be all sweaty during Yoga right. The maintenance crew are busily climbing palm trees ( barefoot) removing old branches & leaves while others manicure the lawns to picture perfect. The sound of the ocean is magic! a gentle rolling wave. The horizon is glass like. The reflection of blue on blue, where sky meets water is mesmerising. Breathing in the air, this is divine. #breathe #morningritual #appreciation

Yoga mats & towels are supplied as is the yoga blocks...( thank goodness, my back definitely needs one of those blocks to even slightly help achieve some of the movements coming up) Our instructor is Indonesian, very calm (as are all those Yogis) and clear in his direction. Andy & I are making sure we are staying in the back, no matter how hard the instructor tries to get us to the front. Yay, a group of ladies arrive and they are ushered swiftly to line up ahead. You go girls! I am not about to let anyone see how bad, no really.. I mean like BAD, I am at this. Fit & Flexible, hmm maybe not flexible. Andys fit, but he'll be the first to tell you YOGA is not his thang. I turn sideways every now & then to catch a glimpse of him going through the motions, I think he's surprising himself. The exercises continue, the awkwardness kicks in. Huh! what did he say, which leg goes where, what do mean twist your arm there and touch that...thats not normal, in fact thats not bloody easy. Shit I'm useless at this. I look over, that's OK Andys not doing it properly either. 'The right arm' the instructor is saying, 'the right arm' he exclaims again, a little louder ! Oh you mean the other right arm! we giggle to ourselves as we realise we've been doing it back to front...duh! & then 'child pose'...aaarrrhhhhh, I sigh relief ...can we just child pose for 5 minutes please. 'Now downward dog'... and off we go again. Has it been an hour yet, I'm pretty sure it's been longer. I can hear the chairs shuffling in the distance as the breakfast tables begin to fill. Those heady smells of bacon and fresh baking are wafting across the lawn, my mind is meandering elsewhere. Hallelujah we are finishing off with stretching, I look up into the sky, the palm trees are striking, bright green against the blue.The ocean is still rolling gently, my breath takes in more of the ocean breeze. This was pretty awesome for Yoga, I think I could do that again. Don't they say repetition repetition repetition!

off to brekkie, just pinch me.

Off course it is all laid on with fresh juices waiting straight after yoga, complimented by a colourful fresh fruit platter. That just got our taste buds going so we decided it was definitely time to head over towards breakfast. We don't know about you, but breakfast is one of our most favourite times of the day, especially in Bali. The morning temperature is perfect, you've just worked out, your ravenous, you sit down to eat and it feels like a great foundation to the day. As much as we appreciate our beautiful gardens and pool at home to look out at...this morning was a real..WOW moment. We just had to take it all in. Sensory overload, what a stunning morning to be nestled into this lap of luxury. We were in the zone.

The staffs level of service was outstanding. If we didn't know we were the not only ones in the dining room, they certainly made us feel like we were. Nothing was a problem, everything and anything was available.

Talk about room with a view, I'll say no more and sip happily on my Latte thanx.

After some very pleasant downtime, it was off to the Wellness center again. This time we were heading off to the Thermal heat area That consisted of a hot bubbling jacuzzi. A very intensely warm steam room, a spacious dry sauna room, a cooling jacuzzi pool, various daybed lounging areas and again a vast array of refreshments. The Ambience was sublime. This basement, even darker, & even moodier than elsewhere, was gorgeous. The ambient lighting from flickering candles perched on oversized bronze candelabra's. The wooden detailed trellis work casting shadow patterns everywhere. The dark stone tiles didn't give a sense of cold but actually gave the opposite. The bathrooms were lavish again complete with Aqua Di Palma product, & tasteful Batik robes & slides to put on. Up the spiral staircase we went, it was time time to meet our massage therapists.

Our two Therapists greeted us hands in prayer mode. Automatically we do it back, not because we've lived here a while, simply because it is respectful, and it feels right. This time they escorted us out of the building, down sandstone stairs towards a traditional looking Alang Alang roofed pavilion facing the beach. In fact it was two identical massage rooms, separated by a walkway that looked straight towards the ocean. As I entered, the familiar smell of the massage oil I had requested, washed over me. The room was spacious. Floor to ceiling windows wrapped around allowing you to see the view, but blinds were also stationed giving you a sense of privacy. Another gorgeous bathroom towards the rear, does anyone actually ever use those?

I was asked to lie face down on the bed, close my eyes & breathe in deeply, 3 times. Budi my therapist, had bathed her hand in massage oil and cupped it towards my nose, it was intoxicating. My nose has been known for being over sensitive to smells ( Andy will agree) but this blend of ginger & Ylang Ylang was sending me off into la la land. I had already observed Budi was mature, when I say that I mean I could tell she hadn't just graduated from Spa college. I'm not a fan of those mamsy pamsy massages where you just want them to stop because it's irritating. I had an inkling she was going to be good... and boy, I was NOT mistaken. Her touch was firm and in control. Her hands never left my skin and the pressure remained even throughout the whole service. She found the areas on my back that needed serious attention, I didn't have to say a word ( & I normally do) "Is the pressure OK for you Mr Smith" mmm YES.

The mellow music, the sound of the ocean lapping up, the tension being kneaded out of my muscles, I was definitely entering alpha wave state.

I awoke to a sound, omg it was me snoring, how long had I been out...I apologised profusely to Budi. she smiled pleasantly "it's OK"

The time was up, really, 90 minutes had drifted by. I floated out of the room back towards reception. Our ladies thanked us graciously and departed. Nyoman Suwendra came to see how our experience was.

We both agreed, 'That just may have been the best massage we have ever had in Bali' Thank you so much to all involved, our wellness experience at The Legian was absolutely delightful.

Terima Kasih

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