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BLESS US we just may need it

We have lived in Bali for just over 3 years now. You hear the term, 'it's a very SPIRITUAL Island' thrown around. Do we as westerners understand that...really ? If I said to you, sometimes you just have to roll with the days here, because we have no way of controlling them ( ex pats living here know exactly what I'm saying). Funny enough it was something I used to be able to do back in NZ, but here is a whole other ball game. 'Relax Iain, slow down, you will learn to be patient'...they say... but I'm not patient, I hate doing things slowly, I'm a now, now, now person. They all look at me and smile.

So back to having a BLESSING ceremony, thats what we needed, thats what we ordered!

Andy & I felt it was time. The irritations, the anxiety, the unknown. The stress, the heat, the day to day hurdles. The culmination was beginning to have an effect. Perhaps we should have a cleansing...of our spirit. A re balance, a re adjustment, shift the mindset, shall we say.

On with the traditional garb, checked and approved by locals around us. We thought we would combine our personal process with our new store opening. INDAH GAYA was having a ceremony also, It really needed a spiritual cleanse, so what better opportunity for us to get onboard also.

The lovely YANTI and her associate KOMANG kindly gave up their Saturday afternoon to come to Indah Gaya. YANTI in her full length white took lead, as KOMANG helped her prepare traditional offerings, light the incense and start the soothing chantings. Komang sounded the singing Tibetan bowl, which I had only heard about, but not actually heard in real life. We were asked to sit comfortably in an area with space around us so we chose near the back corner wall and placed ourselves on the faux grass.

Andy went first...

The strong heady aroma of incense filled the room. The subtle yet rhythmic ommm from combined chanting began to pulse. The vibrational ring sang from the tibetan bowl, refreshing sweet water from young coconut washed over us. We were enveloped in a meditative state.

" This feeling was awesome". This feeling was right there, right then !!

It didn't take long. The process wasn't painful, if anything it was incredibly enjoyable.The feeling afterwards is un describable. Is it all in our minds? who knows. After all it's our own minds.

I'm not religious but I am spiritual. I sat back with a huge smile on my face and thought, yep, just slow down Iain, it doesn't have to be at the pace you think. STOP, take it all in, and just be.

There was definitely a sense of PEACE and calm. Andy & I loved it.

It was perfect for our new business venture and just right for our state of mind. This IS a spiritual land, Land of the GODS even. This was a special moment for us in Bali and it was fulfilled with the right intention.



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